Pharmacology Department , Faculty ofVeterinary Medicine

Suez Canal University


Before treatment of any animal with drugs? Veterinarian should ask himself the following questions:

  1.         Whether i should interfer with the animal at al and if so ---

  2.         What is my ther apeutic goal?

  3.         What is the specific reproductive disorder i wish to alter?

  4.         Is the drug i intended to use the best one for this purpose?

  5.         Can i adminster the drug in such away that, the right con centration will be attained in the right place at the right time for the right duration?

  6.         What are the other effects that, the drug may have on the future fertilily of the animal?

  7.         How much does the drug cost per the expected duration of therapy?

  8.         What is the benefit / risk ratio of using this drug?

  9.          what is the benefit / cost ratio of this drug.

10.       What are special precautions must be taken to enhance the drug effectiveness and /or safety?

11.       By what reproduclive parameters or fertility measure will i judge the response of the animal to my treatment?

12.        what fellow up procedures should be don in the animal and in the farm?

In conclusion, i would like to say that, the veterinarian can gain all the necessary informations for successful treatment if he makes aroutine effort in asking himself the previously mentioned questions before treating any animals.